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How Nflex Systems Increase Their Sale by 24% With the Help of IMI Advertising

Social Media Marketing Case Study

The Facebook Ad Campaign Was A Big Success


Nflex Systems is capable of meeting the smallest and biggest packaging requirements of clients with efficiency and flexibility. Stand Up Pouches, Multipurpose Plastic Pouch, Laminated Pouches, and Holographic Pouches are a few of the many varieties we maintain in our product range. We have been operational since 2001 in Kalol, Gujarat, and today, have cemented our position as a trusted partner for all packaging pouches.


In a competitive B2B Flexible packaging market, Nflex needed to stand out and capture the attention of potential business clients. The primary goal was to generate high-quality leads through Facebook leads that could be converted into loyal customers. This approach would help Nflex grow its market presence.


To meet Nflex’s goals, we developed a tailored Digital Marketing Strategy focused on Utilizing Facebook Ads. Our approach was centred on several key strategies:

Targeted Ads

Creating customized Facebook Ads. As a Digital Marketing Agency, we aimed at specific industry leaders and decision-makers within the packaging sector.

Continuous Optimization

We continuously refine our ad targeting by reviewing performance metrics and audience engagement. This helps us maximize reach and improve the quality of leads from our Facebook campaigns. By adapting our strategy, we connect with more relevant audiences and achieve better results.


We launched the campaign with eye-catching visual ads and persuasive copy that highlighted Nflex’s unique value in the packaging industry. To engage potential clients, we used a lead-capture strategy with downloadable content and exclusive creatives to showcase what Nflex has to offer.


  • 2,000 High-Quality Leads,
  • 3,00,000+ Reach Across Facebook and Instagram Platforms
  • 79% Increase in Website Traffic


Nflex’s focused Facebook strategy boosted its digital presence and established the company as a leader in innovative packaging. A successful ad campaign has set the stage for future digital projects and ongoing growth in the B2B sector.

Google Ad Campaign Impact


To make it in the competitive landscape of flexible packaging, Nflex needed a way to catch the eye of key business clients. We as a 360° Digital Marketing Company have decided to go for Google Ads.

To meet NFlex Systems’ goals, we implemented a Google Ads strategy to achieve their goals. Key components included keyword research, campaign structuring, and ad copy. Keywords with high intent were chosen to generate traffic and convert into leads. Multiple ad groups were used to target specific products or services, with clear, engaging, and action-oriented ad copy. Conversion tracking was set up to measure ad effectiveness and gather user behavior insights, enabling data-driven decisions and campaign optimization.


We’re excited to announce the significant success of our Google Ads strategy for NFlex Systems. Our tailored approach brought impressive results in a short period.

  • 150% Increase in Website Traffic and Consistent Leads
  • 25% Reduction in Cost per Lead (CPL)
  • Higher Conversion Rates and More Inquiries


Our targeted Google Ads Strategy for NFlex Systems demonstrated the power of effective PPC Advertising. By focusing on relevant keywords, structuring Campaigns effectively, and optimizing landing pages, we were able to drive.

SEO Company for online game website

How IMI Advertising Achieved 2X Growth in the Game Website 

How IMI Advertising Achieved 2X Growth in the Game Website

Teen Patti Master Download


In the ever-expanding field of online gaming, Teen Patti Master stands out as a captivating and popular card game. As with any digital platform, visibility and engagement are paramount for success. Connecting with IMI Advertising, we saw a significant boost in our Google visibility, resulting in rankings, clicks, and impressions.

The Objective:- 

The goal of the Teen Patti Master game is to enhance its position in the gaming industry. Through these efforts, they hoped to get more people playing, visiting, and finding them online more easily.

The Challenge:- 

Here at IMI Advertising, we thrive on challenges, just like the one presented by their client, who wanted to boost their Teen Patti Master Game’s visibility on Google. As we focused on ranking keywords, our mission was clear: to skyrocket the game’s presence on search engines. Join us in this thrilling pursuit as we elevate the game’s online presence, one strategic keyword at a time!

The Strategy:- 

To increase the Teen Patti Master Game’s online visibility, IMI Advertising has carefully developed a strategic plan. Through in-depth keyword research, we were targeting high-traffic terms to boost visibility. Their competitor analysis ensures they stay ahead while link-building and engaging blog posts further solidify their authority in the gaming sphere. Watch as Teen Patti Master rises to the top with our tailored approach.

The Result:- 

We’re excited to announce the outstanding success of our SEO efforts for our client’s Teen Patti Master Game website. Through strategic keyword ranking, we’ve moved their game website to new heights in online visibility. Our efforts have not only enhanced their search engine presence but also boosted organic traffic to their gaming website. As a result, the number of game downloads soared.

  • 2X Growth in Monthly Clicks and Impressions
  • 10+ keywords started ranking in the top 10 positions
  • 80% increase in game application downloads


SEO Agency for gaming website

In just three months, the Teen Patti Master Game website experienced a remarkable jump in Google Rankings, and its highly competitive keyword reached the 1st page of the SERP. Additionally, all their targeted keywords achieved top rankings on the Google search engine, due to our dedicated SEO efforts. 

In Just Three Months, IMI Advertising Expert Strategies Propelled Online Visibility to New Peaks, 2x Monthly Clicks, Impressions, and Elevating Keyword Rankings on Google Search Engine. 

How IMI Advertising Helped iBoon Technologies to Achieve Ranking for Competitive Keywords by 68%

How IMI Advertising Helped iBoon Technologies to Achieve Ranking for Competitive Keywords By 68%

SEO Case Study

Introduction :- 

Getting top rankings for highly competitive keywords is a difficult task in the competitive digital market of today.iBoon Technologies, an expanding organization in technology, realised that to differentiate itself from competitors, it needed to improve its online presence. Partnering with IMI Advertising, a leading digital marketing agency, iBoon Technologies embarked on a journey to achieve top keyword rankings and elevate its brand presence.

The Client:- 

iBoon Technologies is a software and website development company that provides expert solutions for businesses of all sizes. With a team of highly skilled professionals and a proven track record of delivering innovative solutions, iBoon Technologies is dedicated to helping businesses thrive in the digital age.

The Objective:- 

The primary objective was to increase organic traffic, enhance brand visibility and ultimately drive business growth. iBoon Technologies sought to improve its search engine rankings for highly competitive keywords relevant to their industry.

 The Challenge:- 

iBoon Technologies required swift results within a constrained time frame to capitalize on market opportunities. Despite having a strong services offering and a well-designed website, they struggled to gain visibility and attract organic traffic due to their low keyword rankings.

The Strategy:- 

IMI Advertising crafted a comprehensive strategy tailored for iBoon Technologies’ specific needs and goals. This strategy encompassed the following key components:

  • Keyword Research and Selection
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Content Creation and Marketing
  • Link Building

The Result:- 

After implementing this, we were able to achieve top ranks for multiple competitive keywords.Thanks to IMI Advertising from iBoon Technologies, the results were nothing short of remarkable. Within just one month, iboon Technologies saw a significant improvement in their keyword rankings, with many of their target keywords skyrocketing to the top positions in SERPs.

  • Increased Monthly Organic Search 86%
  • Impression have improved by 20%
  • Increased Monthly Users 61%

IMI stands out as the premier SEO company in Ahmedabad, demonstrating outstanding expertise and delivering remarkable results. Their ability to craft unique and impactful content reflects their dedication to excellence. A testament to IMI’s exceptional work and the tangible outcomes they consistently achieve.

Client Testimonial
Website Ranking in Google

IMI’s skilled strategies improved iBoon’s ranking to new heights in just one month. Their quick and efficient method shows IMI’s unique skill to provide visible results. iBoon’s remarkable growth provides proof of IMI’s outstanding ability to boost online visibility.