How Nflex Systems Increase Their Sale by 24% With the Help of IMI Advertising

Social Media Marketing Case Study

The Facebook Ad Campaign Was A Big Success


Nflex Systems is capable of meeting the smallest and biggest packaging requirements of clients with efficiency and flexibility. Stand Up Pouches, Multipurpose Plastic Pouch, Laminated Pouches, and Holographic Pouches are a few of the many varieties we maintain in our product range. We have been operational since 2001 in Kalol, Gujarat, and today, have cemented our position as a trusted partner for all packaging pouches.


In a competitive B2B Flexible packaging market, Nflex needed to stand out and capture the attention of potential business clients. The primary goal was to generate high-quality leads through Facebook leads that could be converted into loyal customers. This approach would help Nflex grow its market presence.


To meet Nflex’s goals, we developed a tailored Digital Marketing Strategy focused on Utilizing Facebook Ads. Our approach was centred on several key strategies:

Targeted Ads

Creating customized Facebook Ads. As a Digital Marketing Agency, we aimed at specific industry leaders and decision-makers within the packaging sector.

Continuous Optimization

We continuously refine our ad targeting by reviewing performance metrics and audience engagement. This helps us maximize reach and improve the quality of leads from our Facebook campaigns. By adapting our strategy, we connect with more relevant audiences and achieve better results.


We launched the campaign with eye-catching visual ads and persuasive copy that highlighted Nflex’s unique value in the packaging industry. To engage potential clients, we used a lead-capture strategy with downloadable content and exclusive creatives to showcase what Nflex has to offer.


  • 2,000 High-Quality Leads,
  • 3,00,000+ Reach Across Facebook and Instagram Platforms
  • 79% Increase in Website Traffic


Nflex’s focused Facebook strategy boosted its digital presence and established the company as a leader in innovative packaging. A successful ad campaign has set the stage for future digital projects and ongoing growth in the B2B sector.

Google Ad Campaign Impact


To make it in the competitive landscape of flexible packaging, Nflex needed a way to catch the eye of key business clients. We as a 360° Digital Marketing Company have decided to go for Google Ads.

To meet NFlex Systems’ goals, we implemented a Google Ads strategy to achieve their goals. Key components included keyword research, campaign structuring, and ad copy. Keywords with high intent were chosen to generate traffic and convert into leads. Multiple ad groups were used to target specific products or services, with clear, engaging, and action-oriented ad copy. Conversion tracking was set up to measure ad effectiveness and gather user behavior insights, enabling data-driven decisions and campaign optimization.


We’re excited to announce the significant success of our Google Ads strategy for NFlex Systems. Our tailored approach brought impressive results in a short period.

  • 150% Increase in Website Traffic and Consistent Leads
  • 25% Reduction in Cost per Lead (CPL)
  • Higher Conversion Rates and More Inquiries


Our targeted Google Ads Strategy for NFlex Systems demonstrated the power of effective PPC Advertising. By focusing on relevant keywords, structuring Campaigns effectively, and optimizing landing pages, we were able to drive.